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Comfy Couch Con

Hello Everypawdy,

I know I have not said that much fur a long time. I am sorry I have been gone so long and have missed everyone beary much. One of the things I was not able to do this summer was go to San Diego Comic Con. I am sad about this because Comic Con is sooooo much fun. You get to walk around and see sorts of things from Panels on movies, to walking around the floor and looking at booths to meeting friends and maybe if you are very lucky a celebrity or two. It is also a fun time to dress up. Because I was not able to get tickets and go down I have decided to have my own convention, Comfy Couch Con. Anyone can attend Comfy Counch Con from the comfurt of your own couch.


Welcome to Comfy Couch Con

Welcome to Comfy Couch Con

There was a lot that happened at Comic Con and so I will now start to look and see what was fun to share.

Time to look up things on the computer

Time to look up things on the computer

If you went or you have something you want to talk about you can tweet at me @Iamthebear.


Ghost kitty caught on film

Hello everypawdy,

I have not been very talky lately and I would like to let you know why. Last year me and my hewman moved into a new house and we started taking care of some animals one of them was a very shy kitty. My hewman has friended the kitty and she likes to come out fur him but i have not yet.

Ghost Kitty

Ghost Kitty caught on Film

So being a smart little bear I decided to capture proof that this kitty does exist i set up a surveliance camera and got this photo.

Ghost kitty caught on film

As you can see i have now caught the ghost kitty on film maybe i can get a show on tv where i envestigate ghosts what do you think?