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When Bear goes to see Thor

So my hewman said he was going to go to the movie theater and asked me if I wanted to come. He said he was going to go see Thor so we hopped in the car and we were off.

The Ticket Machine

The Ticket Machine

I got to play on on the ticket machine trying to get the tickets. There was a lot of button pushing that we had to do. I think my hewman was getting impatient because I wanted to push every button to see what it did.

Mmmmm snacks

Mmmmm snacks

You can not go to a movie unless you get something to snack on. So what do I want, hmmmm. I do not want anything with raisins in it or anything sour. I wanted to find something sweet but I do not see anything. Hey, this counter is kinda sticky… ewwww. In the end we got a giant tub of popcorn and shared it.



And now we start to see the movie after some previews.

I just wanted to say that I liked THOR a lot. It was a good movie. The cities are very big and very shiney, I like shiney things. I do not think I want to visit the land of the ice giants. Even though it is snowy and cold I think it is too stormy and violent there. Not to mention there are big scary things.


Ghost kitty caught on film

Hello everypawdy,

I have not been very talky lately and I would like to let you know why. Last year me and my hewman moved into a new house and we started taking care of some animals one of them was a very shy kitty. My hewman has friended the kitty and she likes to come out fur him but i have not yet.

Ghost Kitty

Ghost Kitty caught on Film

So being a smart little bear I decided to capture proof that this kitty does exist i set up a surveliance camera and got this photo.

Ghost kitty caught on film

As you can see i have now caught the ghost kitty on film maybe i can get a show on tv where i envestigate ghosts what do you think?