Visiting the land of Dragons

So I was staying the day with my bestest bear buddy Brownie. Our hewmans had gone out to go and do something and they left us back at home.

Brownie said he was going to turn on the Wii so we could play with it. When it came on this little dragon popped up on the screen and said “Hello Bears, would you like to come play?”

Brownie got this confused look on his face cause he was holding the game disk in his paw still. All of a sudden a hand appeared on the screen and picked up the dragon. He got really really angry and started to shout as the hand tossed him around the screen. Brownie looked back and saw me moving the wiimote around tossing the dragon.

“Bear no! This isn’t part of the game, I think he is a real dragon.”

“Really? Uh oh,” 😦 I quickly put the wiimote down and ran up to the screen and pressed up against it trying to look inside. “Are you okay Mr. Dragon? I am sorry I did not mean to hurt you.”

The dragon appeared again on the screen wobbling back and forth and being all dizzy like. “Ugh, this is what I get for working with cubs, I mean yes Bear it’is quite alright. An honest misunderstanding and all, quite alright.”

“Oh good, I’m glad you’re okay,” Brownie said as he came up next to me. You said something about wanting to play?”

“yes yes, quite right Brownie. You and your friend Bear have been invited to come to the land of the Dragons as our official guests. This is a big honor as we do not always open our doors to outsiders. First allow me to introduce myself, I am Eshu, prince of the Dragon King.”

“gadzuntight.” I said

“Yes well, It is my official duty to invite and escort guests of the kingdom to our castle. If you come you would be the guests of honor at a picnic in your honor.”

“wow that sounds like fun, what do you say Brownie? Want to go?”

“I say we go Bear. This sounds like an adventure. Oh I know, let’s bring a gift for our new friends. Mr. Dragon, can we bring something?”

“Oh how very kind, yes as a matter of fact there is,” he said with a slight smile on his face. “By any chance do you have oh what were they called? Marshmallows and chocolate that you could bring?”

“ooooooooooo, it sounds like we are going to be making some smores. Hold on I think I saw some in the cupbord over here. Common Brownie can you lend me a paw?”

“Sure thing Bear!”

A moment latter we came back carrying our supplies. Brownie had the marshmallows and I had the chocolate bars.

“we are ready Eshu.”

“Very very good bears, come touch the screen and let us begin.”

Together Brownie and I touched and slipped through and entered the world of Dragons.


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