They are white, just like me!

So my hewman came home today with quite a few bags from the grocery store. This made me a little sad cause I like to go shopping too. There is this one store we go to that has boxes of honey you can pour it out from the bees. There are sighns saying not to open the boxes or the bees will get out. I just want to open it up and say thank you though. 😦

But that is not what this is about. Today my hewman cooked enchiladas fur dinner tonight. They are so good. These are beefy enchiladas but normally he makes these chicken and beef enchiladas. Also these were different because they were green when he normally makes red ones. Aside from that they were still quite tasty. I could not eat a whole one though because they were as big as I am. Since the other hewmans were not as hungry tonight that means we have leftovers fur tomorrow.


Do I smell lunch tomorrow? I think I do?

What about you? What do your hewmans cook that you like or maybe you cook?


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