I like to eat

So I am quite lucky to have a hewman that can cook very well. And he too is very luck to have a little bear to share his food with and try his cooking experiments on. Some of the things my hewman can cook very well is bread

*Imagine a picture of fresh baked bred here*

He is also very good at waffles and pancakes.

*these waffles are seariously bigger then I am*

But the thing that my hewman is veeerrrryyy good at is pizza. He can make the dough from scratch and puts all sorts of different things on top. When he makes a pizza it is very much a competition to get a slice fur myself.

*picture of really fresh pizza just out of the oven and smelling delicious*

I however have found I am not so good with the cooking myself. I tried once to make carrot waffles fur my anipal Rufus but it did not go very well. The carrot would not dissolve into mix. Then I tried to put the carrot into the waffle after making it but it didn’t mix well after the waffle was cooked. Then I accidentally burned the next waffle and my hewman found me in the kitchen. I have been told I need adult supervision before I am allowed to try and cook again.

So fur now I guess I am stuck with food eating and not food cooking. Wait, that is not so bad after all. šŸ™‚

Ps. Sorry I do not know where my hewman put his food photos. I will post them later.


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