Why do I write

So my hewman has asked me if I wanted to start this blog. At first I was wondering what a blog was and then he showed me. I think this could be fun. I know a couple of my anipals have have them and I want to try this out. He said it would be good practice cause I get to write more then I do in a tweet. Then I didn’t really want to because then it sounds like work. But he talked to me some more about how this is more of a journal that I can write. Not only that it is a lot easier to look through a blog past then it is to see what I did last year on twitter. Don’t worry I’m not leaving twitter, I love hanging with all my anipals but now I am inviting you guy and gals fluffies and hewmans back to my place to hang out.

So welcome, let me go see if I can get my hewman to bake us some cookies. 🙂


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