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Snow in MAY!?!

So last week I tweeted that me and my hewman went on a road trip up to the mountains.

Today we went on a roadtrip to the mountains

Today we went on a roadtrip to the mountains

It was very very fun. Now see he went up there and to do some working stuff on from his Klondike Derby but for me this was an adventure because…

Bear in snow in MAY

Bear in snow in MAY

there was SNOW in MAY! Can you believe it? It is supposed to be summer but there is still now laying around on the ground. As you know I am a polar bear so I was soooooo enjoying myself in the snow.

There was soooooo much snow laying around

There was soooooo much snow laying around

I mean look at that, that is a lot of snow. It was everywhere. I was soo happy to run around in it, roll in it, dig into it and have fun. I even through a snow ball at my hewman. When he turned around I was gone cause I am small and very agile and quick. He didn’t suspect a thing ;).

And now I had to think about my good friend @pinkbunny So as we were getting ready to leave I had my hewman get his camera out.

This is a white bunny for @pinkbunnyr

This is a white bunny for @pinkbunnyr

I made a cute little snow bunny. It is not pink but you you can only do so much you know?


Bear has his towel… What am I supposed to do with it?

So today my hewman was getting ready to leave today and he said something about needing to take a towel with him. I do not know why we should have a towel today but I guess it is important so why not?

Bear has received Towel

Bear has received Towel

So now that I have a towel I wonder what I am supposed to do with it?



Maybe I can wear my towel like a super hero and this will be my cape flowing on the wind?

Me Flying through the air!

Me Flying through the air!

“Dun dun dun daaaaa” Here I come to save the DAY!

I am all sneeky like a ninja

I am all sneeky like a ninja

Or maybe this towel will give me ninja skills to be all sneaky and stealthy?

Maybe it could be a boat?

Maybe it could be a boat?

Oh, maybe it could be this boat that I make with to float down the water on to adventure?

Hey who turned out the lights?

Hey who turned out the lights?

If it gets to be too bright out or too scary I guess I could hide under it so that no one would see me?

It makes a good blanket to wrap up in.

It makes a good blanket to wrap up in.

Oooooh, of course I can wrap myself up and keep warm at night. That’s a good one.

so soooooft

so soooooft

Of course if I’m going to sleep I may want a pillow instead. My fur would keep me warm anyway.

What do you you think? What else could I do with a towel? Did you carry a towel today?

Visiting the land of Dragons

So I was staying the day with my bestest bear buddy Brownie. Our hewmans had gone out to go and do something and they left us back at home.

Brownie said he was going to turn on the Wii so we could play with it. When it came on this little dragon popped up on the screen and said “Hello Bears, would you like to come play?”

Brownie got this confused look on his face cause he was holding the game disk in his paw still. All of a sudden a hand appeared on the screen and picked up the dragon. He got really really angry and started to shout as the hand tossed him around the screen. Brownie looked back and saw me moving the wiimote around tossing the dragon.

“Bear no! This isn’t part of the game, I think he is a real dragon.”

“Really? Uh oh,” 😦 I quickly put the wiimote down and ran up to the screen and pressed up against it trying to look inside. “Are you okay Mr. Dragon? I am sorry I did not mean to hurt you.”

The dragon appeared again on the screen wobbling back and forth and being all dizzy like. “Ugh, this is what I get for working with cubs, I mean yes Bear it’is quite alright. An honest misunderstanding and all, quite alright.”

“Oh good, I’m glad you’re okay,” Brownie said as he came up next to me. You said something about wanting to play?”

“yes yes, quite right Brownie. You and your friend Bear have been invited to come to the land of the Dragons as our official guests. This is a big honor as we do not always open our doors to outsiders. First allow me to introduce myself, I am Eshu, prince of the Dragon King.”

“gadzuntight.” I said

“Yes well, It is my official duty to invite and escort guests of the kingdom to our castle. If you come you would be the guests of honor at a picnic in your honor.”

“wow that sounds like fun, what do you say Brownie? Want to go?”

“I say we go Bear. This sounds like an adventure. Oh I know, let’s bring a gift for our new friends. Mr. Dragon, can we bring something?”

“Oh how very kind, yes as a matter of fact there is,” he said with a slight smile on his face. “By any chance do you have oh what were they called? Marshmallows and chocolate that you could bring?”

“ooooooooooo, it sounds like we are going to be making some smores. Hold on I think I saw some in the cupbord over here. Common Brownie can you lend me a paw?”

“Sure thing Bear!”

A moment latter we came back carrying our supplies. Brownie had the marshmallows and I had the chocolate bars.

“we are ready Eshu.”

“Very very good bears, come touch the screen and let us begin.”

Together Brownie and I touched and slipped through and entered the world of Dragons.

Do you know what today is?

So today we celebrate the day that Bear looked out his window and saw pretty white flowers.


This can only mean one thing then. It is time fur me to grab my hewman, get some supplies and hit the road to go see Brownie!


Okay got the supplies now it is time to hit the road.


They are white, just like me!

So my hewman came home today with quite a few bags from the grocery store. This made me a little sad cause I like to go shopping too. There is this one store we go to that has boxes of honey you can pour it out from the bees. There are sighns saying not to open the boxes or the bees will get out. I just want to open it up and say thank you though. 😦

But that is not what this is about. Today my hewman cooked enchiladas fur dinner tonight. They are so good. These are beefy enchiladas but normally he makes these chicken and beef enchiladas. Also these were different because they were green when he normally makes red ones. Aside from that they were still quite tasty. I could not eat a whole one though because they were as big as I am. Since the other hewmans were not as hungry tonight that means we have leftovers fur tomorrow.


Do I smell lunch tomorrow? I think I do?

What about you? What do your hewmans cook that you like or maybe you cook?

I like to eat

So I am quite lucky to have a hewman that can cook very well. And he too is very luck to have a little bear to share his food with and try his cooking experiments on. Some of the things my hewman can cook very well is bread

*Imagine a picture of fresh baked bred here*

He is also very good at waffles and pancakes.

*these waffles are seariously bigger then I am*

But the thing that my hewman is veeerrrryyy good at is pizza. He can make the dough from scratch and puts all sorts of different things on top. When he makes a pizza it is very much a competition to get a slice fur myself.

*picture of really fresh pizza just out of the oven and smelling delicious*

I however have found I am not so good with the cooking myself. I tried once to make carrot waffles fur my anipal Rufus but it did not go very well. The carrot would not dissolve into mix. Then I tried to put the carrot into the waffle after making it but it didn’t mix well after the waffle was cooked. Then I accidentally burned the next waffle and my hewman found me in the kitchen. I have been told I need adult supervision before I am allowed to try and cook again.

So fur now I guess I am stuck with food eating and not food cooking. Wait, that is not so bad after all. 🙂

Ps. Sorry I do not know where my hewman put his food photos. I will post them later.

Why do I write

So my hewman has asked me if I wanted to start this blog. At first I was wondering what a blog was and then he showed me. I think this could be fun. I know a couple of my anipals have have them and I want to try this out. He said it would be good practice cause I get to write more then I do in a tweet. Then I didn’t really want to because then it sounds like work. But he talked to me some more about how this is more of a journal that I can write. Not only that it is a lot easier to look through a blog past then it is to see what I did last year on twitter. Don’t worry I’m not leaving twitter, I love hanging with all my anipals but now I am inviting you guy and gals fluffies and hewmans back to my place to hang out.

So welcome, let me go see if I can get my hewman to bake us some cookies. 🙂